Weekly Update: 2020-01-12 to 2020-01-18

Fedora Core OS out of Preview

Combined effort from Fedora Atomic Host and CoreOS Container Linux from their aquisition.

Fedora CoreOS combines the provisioning tools and automatic update model of Container Linux with the packaging technology, OCI support, and SELinux security of Atomic Host.

Copy-left behind: Permissive MIT, Apache open-source licenses on the up as developers snub GNU’s GPL

In an email to The Register, David Habusha, VP of product at WhiteSource, said that the copyleft license was created by the Free Software Foundation in 1985 "to ensure the evil corporations of that time would not be able to use open-source software and then restrict its redistribution."

But times have changed, he argues. "It is no longer an 'us' vs. 'them' scenario, meaning the open-source community vs. commercial corporations," he said.

This implies people plan to just "trust companies" which is one of the most insane propositions I can miagine.

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PinePhone Linux Smartphone Shipment Finally Begins

Really excited to get one. I’m not sure I’m interested in the "Braveheart" version but once it gets buttoned up a little bit I’m definitley in.

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iPhones Can Now Be Used To Generate 2FA Security Keys For Google Accounts

Not the most elegant title, but this allows you to use your iPhone like a hardware dongle. If you login to a Google service on another machine you can be prompted to authenticate via a "nearby iPhone" (bluetooth presumably?).

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Mozilla Lays Off 70 As It Waits For New Products To Generate Revenue

I’m not sure if any of these new products will ever really generate revenue.

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More Than Half a Billion Android Users Have Installed 'Fleeceware' Apps

TLDR: Apps that continue a subscription after being uninstalled, sometimes at exorbitant rates.

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Rapper Akon Created His Own Cryptocurrency City In Senegal Called 'Akon City'

All transactions will occur in "AKoin". This will be interesting to watch, one way or the other.

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