Weekly Update: 2019-12-22 to 2019-12-28

U.S. Space Force is Official

Looks like they have an official website as well.

Randy Suess, Computer Bulletin Board Inventor, Dies at 74

Called C.B.B.S - Computerized Bulletin Board System, in Chicago.

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Darkable 3.0 Released

I’ve been using darktable for a couple years for photo management and it’s really been a great experience. Some of the UI is a little non-intuitive and it is well worth reading the documentation, but it makes for a very powerful and easy to use interface and one that can be driven extensively from the keyboard.

Unfortunately the versions in both the Fedora and flatpak repos is 2.6.

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Emirati 'surveillance app' ToTok promoted by Huawei as Apple punts it from store

Where they screwed up was when they tried to spread it outside of UAE, seems like that’s when they got too much attention. They got greedy.

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Japan Partly Removes Restrictions on Photoresists Exports to South Korea

Some signs of progress. This all started after when the South Korean Supreme Court upheld a ruling that Nippon steel can be held accountable for forced labor during Japan’s rule over Korea (100k won per plaintiff) and then another ruling against Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for the same thing, awarding the same amount. Then all hell broke loose and everyone started suing. The problem with this is that there was a treaty in 1965 that supposedly settled all of this.

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Why So Many Japanese Children Refuse To Go To School

Called "futoko" children. Main causes are cited as: "family circumstances," personal issues with friends and bullying. Many are silent with "selective mutism." Also appears to be backlash to very rigid "black school rules" in Japan, which some people claim are a violation of human rights.

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90 Percent of People Don’t Know How to Use CTRL+F

I cannot watch someone use a computer and try to scan for text on a screen. Cannot do it. I will stop them and tell them to use CTRL-F. I blame a lot of these things on generational issues, but 90% seems like a lot more than the elderly who didn’t grow up with computers.

Custom Wall Plates

Custom wall plates with exactly the interfaces you need, even laser engraving.

Uniqlo’s Tokyo Warehouse is 90% Robotic

When we can automate most of these tasks with robots, what will that mean for China? Will they develop a post-industrial economy that doesn’t rely on manufacturing before this has a serious impact? Will China be the last country that can go through a period of industrialization which relys on relatively unskilled human labor to transform itself?

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The Man Who Made Wolfenstein

A really sad story, especially from reading the obituary his wife wrote. Clearly a brilliant guy and an important figure in early video game history, passed away in 2004 at the age of 54 from health issues. He was 6'9" and his weight was between 300-400lbs. Spoke fluent german and campaigned for public transport.

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liquidctl - liquid cooler control

This is handy, unfortunately not something I’d ever considered existed, just randomly stumbled across it. But it is a utility to monitor and manage liquid coolers, including the NZXT Kraken x52, which I just used to build a new computer (3900X, 32GB, Louqe Ghost S1).

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Debian Project Votes 'Systemd But We Support Exploring Alternatives'

The slow death of init systems continues, one cut at a time. I think the term 大切 really applies here. Literally translated it would be "big cut" but really it means "important." The Debian project is hugely influential, and a number of downstream projects are built on it. This will have broad impact within the linux-distro-ecosystem.

There was an option which was, simply, "Support for multiple init systems is Required" which would have been my preference. I do recognize it is easy for me, doing none of the work to support multiple init systems, to complain.

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Russia Deploys Long Range Hypersonic Missile System “Invulnerable to Intercept”.

Flies at 27 times the speed of sound and can make very fast movements to avoid intercept. I’m not sure how significant this disrupts the balance of defensive and offensive systems and changes the calculus of conflict between Russia and the US.

Turkey Unveils First Fully Homemade Car In $3.7 Billion Bet On Electric

The exterior shots actually look great, designed by Pininfarina.

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Russia Says It Has Successfully Tested a Country-Wide Alternative to the Global Internet

I expect we will continue to see more and more of this. I think countries will continue to claim that it is to protect from international threats but the reality is it exists in dictatorial countries and the goal is to prevent domestic insurrection using the internet like we saw during the Arab Spring.

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China To Complete Beidou Competitor To GPS With New Launches

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Italy Follows France in Levying a Digital Tax

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Turkey’s Wikipedia Ban Violates Rights, Top Court Rules

I have to admit I didn’t expect this. I probably unreasonably assume in countries like Turkey the judiciary is more or less captured by the "executive branch."

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New Rule Would Make it Possible To Track and Identify Nearly All Drones Flying in the US

FAA plan to require transponders on all drones, all but the smallest will be extempted, I’d guess under 250g. I don’t see how this will have much affect on intentionally malicious use of drones.

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Baidu Has a New Trick For Teaching AI the Meaning of Language

TLDR: AI for reading comprehension that scores higher than the average human does.

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Huawei Reportedly Got By With a Lot of Help From the Chinese Government

$75B in state support. Shocked pikachu face.

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