Weekly Update: 2019-11-24 to 2019-11-30

Manhattan Attorney Announces Arrest Of United States Citizen, Who Works For Ethereum, For Assisting North Korea In Evading Sanctions

GRIFFITH was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport yesterday and will be presented in federal court in Los Angeles later today. U.S. Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman stated: "As alleged, Virgil Griffith provided highly technical information to North Korea, knowing that this information could be used to help North Korea launder money and evade sanctions. In allegedly doing so, Griffith jeopardized the sanctions that both Congress and the president have enacted to place maximum pressure on North Korea’s dangerous regime."

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PIR (The .ORG Registry) sold by the Internet Society

I cannot find any good explanation from them on this unanimous decision to sell. Ethos Capital already admitted they will raise the prices by ("only") 10% per year. Presumably they are taking the money from the sale of a business, which produced a steady stream of income, to "diversify their sources of income". The argument being they had to spend resources managing the business.

If .ORG was a distraction, wouldn’t diversifying into multiple, new income streams be a far larger distraction?

I want to save this quote for future reference:

So if we take Ethos at their word, they should be just as good a steward for .org as the Internet Society has been, with robust ties to the community and an explicit public-benefit orientation.

Their plan is to take a for-profit business at their word. What could go wrong?

Apple Changes Crimea Map To Meet Russian Demands

Apple changes Crimeia to be part of Russian territory when viewed from Russia on Apple services (Maps, Weather, etc).

Go Master Lee Se-Dol Quits Because AI 'Cannot Be Defeated'

The South Korean said he had decided to retire after realizing: "I’m not at the top even if I become the number one." "There is an entity that cannot be defeated," the 18-time world Go champion told South Korea’s Yonhap news agency. Lee Se-dol is considered to be one of the greatest Go players of the modern era.

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PureDarwin - an OS based on the open source core of macOS

I never realized there were enough bits and pieces of macOS open sourced that someone could construct an OS from it. Founded in 2007 but this is the first time I have ever run across it, as far as I can remember. The mascot is fantastic, too.

Darwin (original release: 2000) was a fork of Rhapsody, a codename for Apple’s operating system it got from the NeXT acquisition (along with some guy named Steve) in 1998. It was based on the XNU kernel, originally developed at NeXT for NeXTSTEP and was a combination of the Mach kernel (Carnegie Mellon) along with bits and pieces from 4.3BSD.

The first PureDarwin was called "PureDarwin Xmas" and released December, 2008 as a developer preview.

I just checked and it doesn’t seem like there’s really been much activity over the last couple of years.

Oracle Responds To Wage Discrimination Claims By Suing US Department of Labor

Didn’t see this one coming.

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Amazon’s Cloud Unit Has Designed a More Powerful Datacenter Chip

ARM CPU in the datacenter have seem like a forgone conclusion for years, but still nothing really substantive has been built, except for the new Fujitsu A64FX CPU. Maybe the competition is finally heating up. I feel like Intel should be very concerned. Too many huge tech companies rely on their processors and Intel, and to a lesser degree today, AMD, margins are just too high to continue to operate like this forever.

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Twitter Prepares For Huge Cull of Inactive Users

Always interested in how companies will deal with this long term.

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The California DMV Is Making $50 Million a Year Selling Drivers' Personal Info

The document doesn’t name the commercial requesters, but some specific companies appeared frequently in Motherboard’s earlier investigation that looked at DMVs across the country. They included data broker LexisNexis and consumer credit reporting agency Experian. Motherboard also found DMVs sold information to private investigators, including those who are hired to find out if a spouse is cheating. It is unclear if the California DMV has recently sold data to these sorts of entities. In an email to Motherboard, the California DMV said that requesters may also include insurance companies, vehicle manufacturers, and prospective employers.

The idea of the government selling your personal data to commercial third parties makes me physicall ill.

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The RIPE NCC Has Run Out of IPv4 Addresses

The RIPE NCC, the regional internet registry for Europe, West Asia, and the former USSR, has allocated the final /22 remaining in their address pool, and has stated that they have now run out of IPv4 addresses.

I guess IPv6 is the inevitable future but boy is it a pain.

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The Final Flights of F-4 Phantoms in Japan

Being replaced with F-35, there are only two squadrons left that fly the F-4 Phantom, both based out of Hyakuri. Some really incredible images of these jets.

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The pre-orders keep rolling in, last number I saw was 250k. I love this thing.