Weekly Update: 2019-10-20 to 2019-10-26

Pwnagotchi: Deep Reinforcement Learning for WiFi pwning!

rpi zero w, epaper display and a battery. Uses machine learning to efficiently capture wifi handshakes for cracking. How can you not love this?

Lawmaker Kills Repair Bill Because 'Cellphones Are Throwaways'

That’s an interesting argument. Overtime it seems to be less true as the life of smartphones seems to continue to increase. I wonder if you’ll be able to make the same argument in 5 or 10 years?

PC keyboard: the first five years

Interesting difference in the first couple of generations of PC keyboards before they finally landed on, more or less, the layout we’re familiar with today.

City of Johannesburg Hit by Ransomware, Again

Demanding 4 bitcoins (~$30k today). Claim to have "dozens of back doors inside the city".

Tesla Returns To Profitability, Smashes Analyst Estimates

Tesla posted a blowout quarter: $5.3 billion record cash on hand, profits ($143M GAAP, $342M non-GAAP), margins rising from 18.9% to 22.8%, and sizeable growth in both solar and storage.

I love watching the Tesla shorts get taken to the cleaners.

Elon Musk actually sent a tweet via starlink this week. Really interested to see how it handles interference from clouds and rain. I can definitely see myself signing up for a Starlink account for redundant internet service at home.

'Hyperstealth' Invisibility Cloak Developed For Military Use

Wow, it actually works.

Japan Pardons Over Half a Million People to Mark Ascension of New Emperor

To mark the occasion on Tuesday, Abe’s ultra-conservative government granted pardons to about 550,000 eligible applicants. The decision was not publicly debated.

The Ever-Present Glow of LED Greenhouses Documented by Aerial Photographer Tom Hegen

Incredible, I’ve never seen these before.

Japanese hotel chain sorry that hackers may have watched guests through bedside robots

Everyday feels more and more like the future sci-fi promised us, for better or worse.

Infosys shares dive 15% as regulators investigate false accounting claims

Whistleblowers, who claim they are employees at the company, have written to both the board of directors and regulators in Washington alleging they have audio recordings and emails evidencing senior executives oversaw dubious accounting practices so as to boost the company’s apparent short-term results.

Hacking the Hackers: Russian Group Hijacked Iranian Spying Operation, Officials Say

Are we in the middle of a cyberwar at this point? I can’t tell. How would we?

Rebble with a Cause: How Pebble Watches Were Granted an Amazing Afterlife

This is probably the best something like this could go, with an active community that loved the product being allowed to step in and fill the void. I always expected Pebble to stay around for years, I thought the epaper display and huge battery life gave it a niche big enough to survive.

I just assumed this was to coast long enough to provide a reasonable life as the existing devices finally died or faded into obscurity, but …​

All Pebbles will eventually die, though. The goal, then, is to create an entirely self-built, reverse-engineered version of the Pebble’s original firmware: RebbleOS. And then find, or maybe hack together, future watch hardware on which it might run. This idea isn’t as crazy as it sounds—Pebble is based on FreeRTOS, an open-source kernel that supports a vast array of hardware. Already, some proofs of concept are running on Rebblers’ workspaces.


Colorado Drops Its T-Mobile-Sprint Lawsuit After Dish Agrees To House Headquarters In the State

Kind of feels like this should be illegal …​ somehow?

Study Identifies the 'Top 7 Programming Languages That Employers Really Want'

Spoiler: SQL, Java, Javascript, Python, C#, C++, .NET

(Don’t look at me I didn’t make the list.)

Bank of America Says It Saves $2 Billion Per Year By Ignoring Amazon and Microsoft and Building Its Own Cloud Instead

I always assumed at small enough and large enough scale, building it yourself is still more cost effective. The difficult part is always finding the staff to build and maintain it.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Joins Influential Chinese University Board

This is just not a good look.

Russian Air Force Tu-160 Strategic Bombers To Make Unprecedented Visit To South Africa

Well that’s not good.

Equifax Used 'admin' as Username and Password for Sensitive Data: Lawsuit

Guys. Come on.

Remember Sure-Fi? Lostik is open standards Lora you can play with

I desperately need a reason to play with this. I wonder what kind of range you could get with better antenna?

The Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 (15-Inch) Review: AMD Ryzen Surface Edition

I was really happily surprised by this, didn’t expect it. High profile products like this really lend some credence to the AMD brand.

Pen Jillette Wrote for PC/Computing magazine

Four four years! 1990-1994. Really interesting story, definitely ahead of his time in a lot of ways.