Weekly Update: 2019-07-28 to 2019-08-04

The most beautiful MSX Computer displayed at Sony Design exhibition in Japan


The Sony CLIÉ was a series of PDA made from 2000-2005. They ran Palm OS and were in the transition period kind of from portable PDA with PIM functionality and into the world of the iPod and MP3 player. I especially love the clam shell version (PEG-NZ90), its just wonderful.

The 25 Works of Art That Define the Contemporary Age


The events of Akira take place in the original mange around July/August 2019 (2030 in the English version). I’m on book 5/6 of the manga and it is really hard to believe how totally different the film is from the source material.

Pai’s FCC orders cities and towns to stop regulating cable broadband

It is really hard to overstate how clearly anti-consumer Pai and the current conservative FCC board is. They are systematically trying to dismantle consumer protections and repeal legislation aimed at ensuring carriers provide high quality, inexpensive service. None of which will ever be passed along to consumers.

Japanese couple makes hats from their cats fur for them

Japan please never change

AMD Sold 79% of All CPUs in July

This is just individual boxed CPU sales, does not include OEM computers and AMD just launched these CPU to customers who have been waiting for the launch. With that said, this is still impressive. Seems like this is about the best scenario AMD could have hoped for.

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Capital One hack results in more than 100 million records stolen

I would be remiss to not at least mention this. I’m at a loss, I have no idea how we deal with the amount of data being collected and stolen by hackers.

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Sukhoi Begins Serial Production Of The Su-57, Meanwhile Let’s See What We Know About Russia’s 5th Generation Stealth Jet

The US first flight of the F-22 was in 1997 and it was introduced into service in 2005. Worth pointing out that the actual engine won’t be ready until (projected) 2025, and is currently using an underpowered engine derived from the one used in the Su-35.

Linus Torvalds prepares to wave goodbye to Linux floppy drives

Really surprised by this, to be honest. Feels like this is about a decade too early. The argument is essentially that actual floppy hardware is nearly impossible to find any longer and you don’t need the floppy driver for all of the USB based floppy disk drives. As someone who actually owns a USB based floppy disk drive but has not owned an actual IDE floppy disk drive for, god, I’m not even sure how long, at least 10-15 years, but I just think of all the retrocomputing guys that all still having internal floppy drives. I guess they will need to run a "period-accurate" version of linux, which is the "correct" thing to do, anyway.

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Web scraping always seemed like a legal grey area to me. Obviously content is frequently ad supported and companies design their sites to be used by human beings (nearly) exclusively (disregarding obvious things like APIs) so they don’t want their resources consumed by automated bots leveraging their data.

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It’s 2019, and One Third of Businesses Still Have Active Windows XP Deployments

Keep in mind, in January of next year, Windows 7 will go End-of-Life. I just assume at this point they will be forced to extend that deadline.

Technician keeps computer made in 1959 still humming along

Beautiful combination of retrocomputing and one man’s love of a machine.

Melancholy Creatures Explore Imagined Worlds in Wistful Murals by Hayley Welsh

Title says it all, absolutely beautiful.

NHK Spring cops to hard drive price fixing, coughs up $28.5m fine – and promises to sing like a canary

Another case of companies fixing prices. Along with RAM, and LCD panels, and …​

Bullet Comments

I don’t know if we have anything exactly like this in the west. Twitch has comments on the side, but it’s not the same thing as pre-produced content. Really fascinating, imported from Japan apparently.